Are your communication skills not so skillful?

With a passion for the precision and impact of words and non-verbal awareness, Chitwood Communications gives you the resources, knowledge, and confidence to elevate your interpersonal and sales skills that will grow your business.

Why Work With Us?

To give your workforce impactful communication habits for internal and external audiences that will grow your business.
To gain fresh strategies for sales and operations forged from high-stakes sales and security challenges that required enduring solutions.
Retool and reinvigorate your sales pitch by drawing from memorable conversations, skilled presenters, and knowing your client.

How We Work Together

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Fill out the contact form and Chitwood will meet you in-person or via teleconference.

You Talk, I Listen

Share your communication gaps and goals; Chitwood will listen and ask questions to ensure a clear understanding of your needs.

Receive a Tailored Plan

Chitwood will provide you with a detailed plan and timeline to elevate your communication and interpersonal skills.

What’s The Outcome?

Sharper, more detailed delivery

Make your sales pitches and presentations resonate with prospective clients and investors.

Tighter, more concise internal meetings

Craft information in the most useful and memorable formats that will stick with audiences.

Improved awareness of non-verbal cues

Identify and respond to the body language of internal and external audiences. Convey confident and attentive body language.

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Why the compass?

Because effective communications require 360-degree awareness for our conversations, the need to read people, and to pivot ourselves accordingly.

About Chitwood Communications

Have trouble capturing and keeping attention? Landing that big sales pitch? Feeling like you didn’t say the right thing during that important conversation? Leverage Chitwood Communications as a credible outside voice that reinforces impactful communication tools.

Talking is easy; communicating effectively and efficiently takes practice. Chitwood Communications will elevate your sales pitches, team meetings, and everyday conversations to capture and keep the attention of those around you.

Jeremy Widenhofer forged Chitwood Communications from an eclectic mix of successful sales, building national security solutions, briefing Congress, and collaborating with the FBI and the military on high-stakes situations.

In other words:

asking questions to understand the challenge
+ “reading” people
+ providing decision-makers the right (not all) information
+ being memorable during key moments

= Chitwood tools to gain sales, support, approval from your internal and external audiences.


Jeremy’s communication skills helped drive and complete key security projects. His ability to be concise, share key data, and build consensus for the next steps ensured trust and buy-in from all project participants. Jeremy can help organizations understand and explain complex issues, fill information gaps, and enable leaders to make decisions with confidence. He is a consummate professional who will elevate the communication skills and effectiveness of those around him.

Legal Attaché and FBI Supervisory Special Agent

If you think you think you have a solid grasp on communication, you haven’t met Chitwood Communications!

Jeremy’s thought-provoking, engaging content is the key to unlocking verbal and non-verbal communication excellence. No matter the size of your organization or industry focus, I would highly recommend reaching out to Jeremy and scheduling time with him, you will not be disappointed and the results will speak for themselves.

Excellent communication is critical to everyone’s business and personal relationships, now more than ever and Jeremy provides the tools to ensure you are able to precisely and consistently interact at work and at home, truly a game changer!

Founder & COO

While still in government, I had the pleasure of working with Jeremy on a range of complex projects. Jeremy was a terrific collaborator when working on a team together and always strove to be the most informed person in the room on whatever issue we were tackling together. His analytic skillset was very well rounded and excelled not only in complex written analysis but also in high-pressure briefings to senior decision-makers.

Vice President, Global Public Sector 

Jeremy recently presented to our management team and directors on communication and presentation techniques. Jeremy was concise, effective, and left our team with many take-aways to utilize not only with clients but also in everyday communication with others. Jeremy utilized videos and relatable content to illustrate his message which made the presentation and his point more memorable. I will certainly keep these tips and techniques in mind during any upcoming meetings and presentations.

Director of Investigative Research

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Increase your productivity through better communication and improved interpersonal skills today. It is a journey, not a destination.

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